Lay Your Ambitions Bare

The strenuous thing about creativity is that it comes in waves and spikes. It arrives at moments when you least expect it to, and then it creeps away when you might most long for it. It reveals itself in different forms, and it even sometimes craves to be used in alternative ways to how you expected. I wish I had a better way of controlling this creativity but then again, I should be grateful that I wake up in the mood to work most days, regardless. 

My ambitions seep into everything I do, and they move unpredictably as they stumble towards an initially dubious, but eventually gratifying end goal. Trying to figure out what the next move is can be scary, and often feels impossible. The fear associated with shame as a result of failure looms over our heads every day. 

Lay your ambitions bare. Let go of shame. Don’t be afraid to write down your dreams, and action them. Doing so will mean you are one step closer to them becoming a reality. You need to know exactly what it is you want to achieve, and how you want to achieve it. Sure, keep it safe inside your mind for a while if you wish. Let it brew, and boil. Eventually you’ll know when the time is right to get started, and you can lay your ambitions bare. 

© Eloise Shaw 2019
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